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6 years in she is ready to bring shamanic yoga into your home!

Carmen, yoga - and meditation teacher

Carmen Jedinger

Founder and creator on the course:

I wish for the Elemental Yoga Experience to bring you a deep connection to the primordial essence of this world - the Elements.

May you learn how to alchemize them and use them to go deep on a journey to yourself. May you fall in love with sacred ceremony and honor the elements within sacred space.

shamanic yoga

What to Expect

This course was designed to be enjoyed over 4 weeks but you will have access for 8 whole weeks and can go in your own pace.


In our time together we will dive into the wisdom of the elements, shamanic ceremony, yoga and meditation to help you deepen your spiritual practice and find inspiration and depth in your everyday life and in your yoga practice. Dive into the magic of shamanic yoga and change the way you practice yoga and see the elements, that we are made of.

shamanic online course
customer review
customer review

The Elemental Yoga Experience will help you deepen your spiritual practice and inspire you to add new elements to your own yoga practice and teachings. The wisdom of shamanism paired with Yoga will help you start a process of personal development. You will learn to understand yourself and your behavior better. This training is designed to fit into everyone's daily life and it includes recorded content that you can enjoy whenever you want.

- for the Elemental Yoga Experience it is good if you already have yoga experience, but you do not necessarily have to be a trained yoga teacher -


morning puja


Get to know a new shamanic ceremony every week, according to the teachings of Peruvian Andean shamanism.

inspirations in Telegram group


Download inspirational content like mantras, prayers or recipes to learn to live shamanic yoga daily.



Receive a special surprise after your purchase...

Study Group

Study Groups

Enjoy deepening studies for every element. Learn how to connect to your inner fire and to realiven your drinking water and so much more!

online Yoga Klassen

Yoga every Week

Enjoy a total of 9 elemental yoga classes (shamanic yoga).




Deepen your journaling practice on weekends with the weekend journaling guide.


shamanic journeying

Go on shamanic journeys, that will open a portal for you to connect to the elements.

Study Groups


Engage in deep self studies by integrating what you have learned through reading and writing exercises.

recorded meditations

Recorded Meditations

You will receive a number of recorded meditations throughout the program, that you can download as a mp3 file.

woman practicing yoga nidra

Yoga Nidra

Enter a special state of consciousness with a yoga nidra class, especially designed for this retreat program.


Sound Healing

Enjoy a shamanic soundjourney and a sound healing with yoga.

Adult Students


Download an extensive insight into shamanic yoga and use it to journal and plan your own elemental yoga classes.

Elemental Yoga Experience Klassenplan

Or have you got any remaining questions?

You can contact me HERE and ask me anything.

Also, here is an exemplatory timetable on how your experience could be scheduled:

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Contact me, if you have any questions about this 4-week journey

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