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Yoga and Meditation

Years ago I stood on a rooftop of an ashram in India. A lovely soul I had met a few days earlier showed me my very first yoga asanas. I felt like coming home. Since then I surrendered to the magnetic draw I felt to this ancient practice and later on learned how to combine it with shamanic elements. Today, I am here to share this feeling of coming home with you.

I am a 600hour certified yoga and meditation teacher and below you will find ways how you can work with me. I have focused all my trainings on yoga therapy and love working with ceremony, elemental yoga, sound and quantum meditation.


1:1 Ayurvedic & Elemental Evaluation online

Yoga and Meditation that is right for YOUR

Monday morning meditation

Monday Morning Energy Reset online

co-create your life and step into your power, every Monday


mid-week yoga and meditation

Wednesday Yoga & deep Meditation online

a holistic yoga class with deep meditation for relaxation and regeneration

image of ayurvedic evaluation

What's included

I want you to find into YOUR feeling of coming home. A feeling of having arrived in a safe space, where we create space for shifts and magic to happen! To match your individual need and complement your body and mind we will work with a lot of different elements. My wish for you is to feel grounded in your practice and to be able to practice alone and precisely what you need at this point of your life. Yoga is what started it all for me and I would love to share this passion with you!

Here are some things you can expect:

  • yoga according to your ayurvedic dosha (+dosha test)

  • personalized yoga class

  • Yoga for health

  • yoga therapy

  • anatomic body evaluation

  • tips for your yoga and meditation practice

  • elemental wisdom (tips for shamanic practices)

  • everything from a single yoga class to a monthly yoga for health plan is possible

  • more than just body movement

  • a personalized sacred ceremony

  • elements of kinesiology

  • a written yoga plan for you

  • suggestions for asanas, mediation and pranayama

  • elemental yoga components

  • asana plan

  • individual pricing plans, depending on how long you want to be accompanied on your yoga journey

My motivation to create this offer is to pass on some of the magic that Yoga has brought into my life and combine it with the deep wisdom of the shamanic traditions. To show you a door to a deeper understanding of your body, your mind and the energies surrounding you.

Do you want to find out more? Click the contact button below and let's see if we want to work together:

sacred geometry
yoga Lagos, Portugal
private yoga online

Every Monday at 8:00 we meet online for 45 minutes to set our inner world and create a powerful energy for the day and the new week ahead.


With meditation, mudras, pranayama, sound and kinesiology, we reset our energy to actively shape our future.

This reset trains our heart & brain to manifest our intentions and forms a new habit that will have a positive impact on your life.




12€ per session.

Buddha Statue
yoga and meditation online
Monday Morning
mid-week yoga and meditation online
mid-week yoga
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this is a german speaking class

natural altar
palo santo
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