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An Ancient Way to Relax Body and Mind

Vibrations and frequencies have played an important role in healing practices, relaxation and mindfulness for centuries. From ancient Greeks and Aborigines to Native American medicine men and shamans, healers all over the world use sound frequencies to relax the mind and body.


A big part of our body and cells is made of water and water is an excellent carrier of vibration. The human body is basically designed to absorb frequencies and vibrations.

Sound healing Singing bowl
Carmen Jedinger holding The singing bowl.
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Our Instruments

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Tibetan and crystal singing bowl.

Tibetan and crystal singing bowls

different bowls with different frequencies are used to create a specific state of relaxation



this mystical instrument helps the mind travel into far away realms and discover truths about yourself

Koshi chimes.

Koshi Chimes

the Koshi chimes bring you the frequencies of nature and create a flow of positive energy

Also added occasionally:  Kalimba, Rainmaker, Digeridoo, shamanic drum, rattle

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singing bowls

recommendation: whenever I teach a yoga class I use Seed of Soundscape's music. It's in 432hz and produced mindfully and professionally. It really helps my yogis and yoginis get the best out of their practice!

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