elemental medicine
Carmen Jedinger gathering incense

When & Where

  • 12. - 17. July 2022 in Andalusia, Spain

  • 15. - 21. August 2022 in Carinthia, Austria

Investment in yourself:

from: 1290€ *


*includes everything but 1:1 sessions 

This retreat is for you when you are ready to go DEEP and want to dive into the world of elemental

medicine and shamanic energy with us. We will create a container in which we can enjoy the power of community.

In order to be able to hold this space to the best of our abilities and to be able to attain to everyone´s needs we will

make sure that the group size won´t exceed  10 people.


You will experience

  • daily yoga and energy practices (elemental yoga, yoga nidra, pranayama, mudra practice and much more)

  • shamanic ofrendas (offerings)

  • sacred ceremony

  • soundhealings

  • deep meditations

  • deep inner work

  • possible 1:1 with a Peruvian shaman and medium (more here)

  • professional musician on site for soundhealings and concerts

  • nourishing vegan/vegetarian food

what can we say...this offer is an extention of our hearts energy and a one of a kind combination of people, talents and practices that will support you in sustainable transformation and deep energetical work.

The People

Runa Inti playing a pan flute

Runa Inti

Special Guest

Peruvian Shaman from the andean tradition and medium. Runa Inti will be our special guest throughout the retreats. You will have the amazing opportunity to learn from a real shaman and book 1:1 sessions with him.

(Read more about our special guest further down)




Apart from her extensive yoga knowledge and love for Yoga Nidra, Anna has lived in Peru for 2 years and enjoyed working and learning with and from Runa Inti. What immediately connected her and Carmen was their passion for quantum meditation. Anna is 500h YA certified. Yoga teacher, certified. Meditation, Mindfulness & Yoga Nidra Trainer.

click here to get to know Anna

Carmen Jedinger.



As a world traveller Carmen fell in love with shamanic practices and loves facilitating ceremonies and sound healings. Her favourite style of Yoga is Elemental Yoga, which she will be sharing throughout the retreat.

Musician Ready Roots playing the handpan.
right side profile of Ready Roots playing the handpan.

Musical Support

Also at the retreat will be Ready Roots, who will pamper us with his handpan and musical expertise.

You can look forward to live music, sound healing and a general healing vibe from this amazing human being.

The Invitation

This summer we offer you the opportunity to go deep within [Antara] and feel your true essence. As part of our retreats, you can also get to know the work of a wonderful person and shaman. A work in deep connection and communication with nature. Daily offerings of yoga and energy practices, such as Elemental Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Soundhealing and much more will support you to go deep inside and make your stay a transformative journey in the truest sense of the word.

Join us on this journey inwards, a journey of sustainable transformation!

The Place

To ensure the best relaxation and support deep inner work we have chosen THE HOUSE OF LIGHT in Andalusia / Spain and AURORA DOME in Carinthia / Austria for our retreat location.


beautiful bedroom at the yoga retreat
Yoga retreat luxury bathroom
Guest Room Yurt
Yoga Retreat Andalusia, Spain
Large Mongolian Yurt with yoga mats
yoga retreat spain

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Aurora Dome

yoga in beautiful Austria
sound healing dome
yoga retreat austria
vegan yoga retreat
shamanic yoga ertreat
yoga retreat chalet

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When & Where

  • 12. - 17. July 2022 in Andalusia, Spain

  • 15. - 21. August 2022 in Carinthia, Austria

Investment in yourself:

from: 1290€   

*includes everything but 1:1 sessions 

there is a first installment of 400€ to be paid to secure your spot. Please click the button below to fill out the booking form. You will receive all further information via email.

The following is included in the retreat price:

  • 10 Yoga classes (elemental yoga, yoga nidra, energy practices,...)

  • offrendas, sacred ceremony, soundhealings

  • breakfast, lunch, dinner

  • nature walks with the hosts and Runa Inti

  • shamanic sound journey

  • live music by Ready Roots

You will have the amazing opportunity to work 1:1 with an authentic Peruvian shaman. Due to the high demand and limited capacities we would advice you to book these sessions in advance. Please reach out for more information.

Carmen soundhealing
Carmen soundhealing

Soundhealing with singing bowls and shamanic drum

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Runa Inti
Runa Inti

peruvian shaman

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instrument used in our soundhealings

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Carmen soundhealing
Carmen soundhealing

Soundhealing with singing bowls and shamanic drum

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andean shaman

Runa Inti [Man of the Sun]

Born in the countryside in the Andes of Peru, Regulo lived sheltered side by side with his grandmother until he was 14 years old. He was nourished by her knowledge and attachment to nature and plants. As much as he appreciated the caring relationship with his grandmother, he always knew, deep down, that his love for nature, for the plants and for the elements is a legacy of his ancestors – the Incas of Peru. All his work is based on their knowledge, on their wisdom.


He received the clear message of the universe in deep connection with "Taita Inti" (Father Sun), "Mama Killa" (Mother Moon). These are now his true spiritual teachers, as are the mountains, the water, the wind, the fire and "Pachamamita" (Mother Earth).


He owes the great teachings in his life, his songs, his music, his knowledge and his therapies, primarily to the "Grande Universo" as well as his plants and animals. As a result, he became the person he is today.


Throughout our retreats you have the opportunity to work with Runa Inti in 1:1 sessions. His work is deeply healing and transformative – both on a physical and spiritual level. Runa Inti works mainly with plant & flower baths, waterfalls, sacred tobacco, Palo Santo & Agua de Florida as well as music. In this way, he purifies the energy of his patients, supported and supported by the power and love of the universe. It touches the deepest layers of human consciousness and thus enables holistic well-being, sustainable satisfaction and profound change. There is a loving spell over everything he does.


In the 1:1 sessions, that can be booked as an additional part of the retreat, he focuses on balancing the chakras, which can have far-reaching and lasting consequences.

Due to high demand and limited capacity, we recommend booking these sessions in advance.

Please contact me for further information.

frequently asked questions


simply fill out the form here and let us know which retreat you are interested in. We will send you all further information as well as payment instructions via mail. To secure your spot we ask for a first installment of 400€. The remaining amount will have to be paid until 2 months before the start of the retreat.


We are happy to offer you the following solution, if you would like to pay in installments:

  • pay 400€ to secure your spot

  • pay 50% of the remaining amount until 3 months before the start of the retreat

  • pay the other 50% until 2 months before the start of the retreat.


If you have to cancel the retreat you can do so until 2 months before the start day of the retreat and you will receive your full first installment back. After this date you can still cancel but you won't receive your first installment back. We will return any other installments (apart from the initial first one) / payments that you have made up to that point if you cancel your retreat later than 2 months before.

Can I Sit out some Classes?

This is your time and your healing progress. You can join all sessions or only a selected few - depending on how you feel. Please understand that we can't offer any price reductions, should you choose not to participate in some of the program.


legal regulations apply throughout the retreat.

If we have to cancel the retreat due to COVID you will receive your payments back in full. If you fall sick or can't make it to the retreat, the cancellation policies apply.