Cacao Journey.
Prepared Cacao

We are going on a journey...

...are you gonna join us?

On this journey I can share with you my love for cacao and authentic sacred ceremony and there's nothing I'd rather do! This offers you:

  • 4 different live cacao ceremonies with me

  • a chance to deepen your connection to this amazing medicine

  • a chance to deepen your connection to pachamama

  • a tool to go deeper with your spiritual practice

  • the magic of mama cacao

Dates: 6.+ 13.+ 20.+ 27. december

Time: the ceremonies will happen in the evening depending on the language of your choice it will be at 7pm CET (German) or 8pm CET (English) and each  ceremony will be 45minutes.

Energy Exchange: 150€

Book by the 22nd of November to receive an amazing welcome gift including organic ceremonial cacao!*

Recordings: It is possible to get the ceremony recording should you ever miss it

*please note that if you live outside of mainland Europe, you will have to cover the postage

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What will this cacao journey be about?

The December Cacao Journey will combine two topics, that are very important to me:

THE YEAR COMING TO AN END and the automatically connected topic this time a year:


Cacao has thaught me 7 years ago, that it is ok to just be. Without any alcohol, excess food, cigarettes or drugs. She has thaught me how to rely on myself and not on unhealthy external stimuli. She started a very big journey for me back then.

What has this to do with the last month of the year?

December is a month of indulging. It is a month of alcohol, sweets, "treats", stress, money worries and for many a lot of planning. It is our cultural normality to overload each other with food and especially sugar in this time before Christmas. Now, I'm not saying indulging is a bad thing but what I would like to do with this offer is give you an anchor in this time that reminds you that treats can be actual loving gifts to yourself and others. That the pre-Christmas time can be a time of peace and tranquility and doesn't have to be stress and unreasonable spending in aweful shopping malls.

And maybe our cacao ceremonies together will serve as a reminder, that we are, just like Christ, whole. There is nothing external that we need in order to be more, better, prettier or smarter. Mamacita cacao will show us, that we can simply BE - without unhealthy external stimuli

The Cacao


If you submit your booking before November 23rd, you will receive the ceremonial Cacao and a welcome gift from me directly to your door! The Cacao is from a bunch of amazing guys in Carinthia, Austria and they get it from the Island of Gods, BALI.

I've spent 2 beautiful month in Bali myself in 2015 and LOVE the daily rituals and colourful ceremonies that the balinese people celebrate. This Cacao is full of good vibes and is of high quality!

With antara10 you can get 10% off your order at caobali. If you do order - enjoy this plant as the medicine it is and TREAT HER WITH LOVE AND RESPECT. Aho

cacao ceremony review
Cacao ceremony review