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online cacao ceremony

We are going on a journey...

...are you gonna join us?

This journey allows me to share my love of cacao and authentic sacred ceremony with you and there is nothing I would rather do! The cacao journey offers you:

  • 4 different cacao ceremonies onlin with me (and also with guest teachers!)

  • a chance to strengthen your relationship with this amazing plant

  • a chance to strengthen your relationship with pachamama

  • a tool to dive deeper into your spiritual practice

  • the magic of mamacita cacao

Dates:  24.4 | 1.5. | 8.5. | 15.5.

Time: The ceremonies will be in the evening at 6pm (GMT) and will last for about 60 minutes.

Energy Exchange: 150€

If you book until 12.4. I will send you a welcome gift and the ceremonial cacao!*

Recordings: It is possible to receive a recording, if you miss one of the dates.

* Please not that you will have to cover postage if you live outside of the european mainland.

cacao journey

What will this cacao journey be about?

The cacao ceremonies in April / May will revolve around the four elements.

WE LEARN HOW TO HONOR THE CACAO PLANT and delve into one of the four elements each week.

Cacao taught me 7 years ago that it's okay to just be. To be with the earth, the cosmos, the moment. She taught me to listen, recognize signs and give energy back to the world.

I share this knowledge from the bottom of my heart.


What you can expect on this journey

Looking at a summer full of ceremonies and magic that awaits us this year, I would like to get into the spirit of exactly this energy with this cacao journey.

My intention behind the journey is to bring you very close to the elements and to practice true reciprocity (TAKE & GIVE). Each sacred ceremony gives us so much energy, wisdom and love from the universe and it is our job to give back energy and love so that the energy in the universe stays balanced and we support the earth in her being.

Each of the four ceremonies of the Cacao Journey will connect us to one of the four elements. We will create magic and hear the whispers of the universe. In the Pachamama ceremony, we will connect with the earth and give it light, love and strength. In the Air Ceremony we will feel the power of this element and celebrate the reciprocity of the breath with a certified breathwork teacher. The fire ceremony will be pure light - magic and my dear Anna will lead us to other spheres with her shamanic Nidra. Finally we enjoy the water ceremony and journey to the soul of this element to ask for purification while strengthening and supporting the waters of the earth.

Your welcome gift will include items for each of these ceremonies.

It's going to be magical and I can't wait to open this space with you!



cacao ceremony
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If you book before April 12th, you will have the ceremonial raw cocoa and your welcome gift delivered directly to your home. The cocoa we're going to use is from a really nice bunch - the guys from Caobali in Carinthia. You enjoy with him the energy of the island of the gods, BALI.

I spent 2 unforgettable months on this island myself in 2015 and LOVE the daily rituals and colorful ceremonies of the locals. This cocoa is full of this incredible energy and has a top quality!

With antara10 you get a 10% discount on your order at caobali. When you order - enjoy this plant for the medicine it is and TREAT IT WITH LOVE AND RESPECT.



cacao ceremony review
Cacao ceremony review
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