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Ceremony Guidance + Sacred Ceremony Training

learn how to perform sacred ceremony for yourself and others

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When I traveled through Latin America I got introduced to mama cacao and meeting the spirit of this sacred plant changed everything for me. What I felt that night in front of the bonfire made me realize that magic can happen when people come together in ceremony. I felt the most beautiful and gentle opening of the heart. I felt welcomed, loved and home. And that meant the world to me considering I was a seeker on the other side of the world trying to release my negative habits like drinking, smoking and taking other substances. And there it was, a grandmother like spirit that took me by the hand and showed me the way of my heart.

Years later I had gained so much more knowledge about sacred ceremony and decided to follow the calling deep in my heart and introduce this ancient practice to my brothers and sisters in the west.

Sacred Ceremony helps us leave the ordinary life behind and opens us op for the possibility of real magic. A magic that transforms our worries into faith and our fears into love. It is our spiritual heritage, a part of our human and spiritual history, that we have to remember in order to reciprocate with mother earth and all the spirits she holds space for.

Let´s remember - together - and nourish us and this beautiful planet back into abundance and light.


Learn how to Perform Sacred Ceremony

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Cacao Ceremony

You will learn some basic knowledge about cacao and how to prepare it and connect to the cacao medicine. We will cover how to open sacred space, do a grounding meditation and I will share with you prayers and mantras to use in your future ceremonies. You will also receive a step by step guide to work with in the future.

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2 h | 99€

on zoom

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Full/New Moon Ceremony

You will learn how to open sacred space and how to work with the moon energy to let go/manifest the old/new. We will also work with fire and meditation and you will receive a step by step guide to work with in the future, as well as an oracle card reading.

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1.5 h | 75€

on zoom

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Guidance Ceremony

You will learn how to open sacred space and do a meditation for connecting to the heart and receive the guidance needed in a difficult situation. You will also receive an oracle card reading. This beautiful ceremony is all about asking spirit for guidance.

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1 h | 55€

on zoom

Please reach out for special ceremony guidance (wedding ceremonies, birthdays, pregnancies, births) which can be arranged on request.

All three options include a theoretical part as well as a real ceremony held by me for you. You will get an introduction into ceremony and why they are so powerful and you will learn how to perform them. Included in all options is a step by step guide for you to use in the future and there will be enough time for your questions at the end. All ceremonies can be held in English or German.

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You want to go a step further and really emerge yourself in the topic of sacred ceremony, so you can share authentic ceremonies with your community? Then this training might be perfect for you!

What's included:

  • two LIVE ceremonies + all extras  and important theory

  • a webinar about "what do I need for a sacred ceremony and how can I ensure authenticity and hold the space"

  • a recorded meditation for you with the topic "how can I stay centered before performing a ceremony" (you can listen to this meditation before any ceremony you are guiding)

  • a completion ceremony that you will put together and present in written form.

  • a certificate to confirm your participation in the training

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Contact me, if you would like to book a ceremony. Sign up below and let me know, which ceremony you are interested in. I will be in contact soon so we can set a date and time that is convenient for you.

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