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Carmen, founder of Atara Atelier

It´s not a secret that yoga is one of the most popular hobbies taken on by many people in the last decades. Almost everyone we know has a yoga mat and at least one pair of yoga leggings in the closet, right? But what is all the yoga fuss really about? Why doesn´t it stop? And why do so many describe it as addictive? Let´s find out more...

Why do we keep going back to the mat?

We know by now that a regular yoga practice is good for our body, as well as our mental health and there is about a dozen yoga styles to choose from, so pretty much a lid for every pot out there. But what is it really that brings us back to the mat over and over again? It´s certainly not the fact that it´s simply good for us, because so is broccoli and most of us still don´t eat it nearly often enough.

My personal experience with Yoga

6 years ago I stood on the rooftop of an Ashram in South India. Overlooking the beautiful backwaters of Kerala and gazing up to the eagles that were flying in circles above me, I tried my first few yoga asanas. I remember thinking "this is weird" but just a few stretches and breath rounds later, I realized that the weird thing wasn´t the poses I was doing but the fact I haven´t done them much earlier. Yoga, to me, felt like tapping into long forgotten wisdom. It felt like coming home.

The energetic effect of Yoga

Something shifted that day. On a cellular level, I knew I had returned to something that could open doors I had hoped to open for a long time. I would lie if I´d say that from that moment on yoga was a regular part of my life. It was still a long way to a regular yoga practice and the simple fact that it was good for me didn´t often motivate me enough to step on the mat. But something shifted more and more every time I moved my body in those ancient ways. And that was precisely what got me hooked in the end.

Yoga is more then the sum of it´s parts

You see, Yoga is much more than stretching and breathing and chanting mantras. It is an ancient way of living, thinking and feeling. Within the yogic wisdom lies a way to activate our energy body to step into our true self - our higher self. We are basically moving in and out of sacred geometry whilst doing asanas and that alone has a tremendous effect on our energy body. We are re-aligning our cells so our energetic and physical body become coherent and everything that follows is simply remembering ancient wisdom.

Yoga is like an initiation into the world of energy, synchronicity and ancient wisdom.

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Much love to you all.


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