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Summer Solstice and How You Can Celebrate It

Find out why this day has such a great energetic activation and how you can enjoy your very own solstice ceremony.

Summer Solstice is the day of the year when the Earth's axis is tilted most closely towards the sun, meaning we enjoy the longest day and shortest night of the year. It´s the day that brings us closest to the sun and this means we can fully embrace the fiery energy of father sun.

Humans have been observing this solar happening for much longer than our modern history books want to make us believe and we (or maybe it wasn´t us) have build several spiritual centers in alignment with the sun and especially with the solstices of the year. A few examples are the Pyramids Khufu and Khafre in Egypt, Machu Picchu in Peru, Chichen Itza in Mexico and Stonehenge in England. Coincidence? Probably not.

If you want to dig deeper into this subject I can recommend Zacharia Sitchin´s book THE LOST REALMS or click on the link here for more info on ancient temples in alignment with the sun:

Also, for more knowledge about the summers solstice have a look at the book THE SUMMER SOLSTICE

But what does the summer solstice mean energetically and symbolically?

As it is the day with the most light of the year, it also brings us the most en-light-enment. This day has been known as a symbol for awakening for a long time, ideal for reconnecting to spirit and one´s own spiritual path. Let father sun enlighten you, illuminate your soul´s path and fuel you with the energy to walk this path.

The word “solstice” comes from the Latin words "sol", which means sun and "systere", which means “standing still”. Because our ancestors used to observe the sun closely it seemed to them as if it was standing still on the day of the solstice. As if it was watching us very closely for a while.

This very special moment (which in 2021 happens at 05:32 CET) also marks the beginning of summer, which is a time to reconnect not only to the earth and all the abundance that she is sharing with us but to reciprocate with her and give thanks for what we are receiving.

But hold on a minute let´s circle back to the ancient temples for a minute

No one is sure why or how we (or someone else) build those places of worship in a way that the sun was in perfect alignment with them on certain

days of the year but it is clear that we knew something about the seasons or celestial objects that we seem to have forgotten these days. Many archeologists and historians believe that the ancient humans were monitoring the sky because they were awaiting the return of the gods but either way it showed us how to live in coherence with the sun and the seasons and the elements.

What the energy of the sun does

Around the time of the Druids (latest radiocarbon tests have shown, that they already lived around 3100 BC - check out my favorite streaming site for more info on that!) it was believed that magic was the strongest and healing herbs were most potent during the summer solstice. We knew back then that the sun nourished pacha mama, mother earth, with his divine bright energy and mother takes it fully and brings us the most abundance in this time. All the fruit, vegetable, wild flowers, healing herbs, grasses and sacred plants are at their peak in summer and ready for harvest. Summer is the time that also nourishes and energizes us and gently pushes us to harvest what we worked for this first half of the year.

So, if you feel like connecting to mother nature and father sun this summer solstice, here is a little ceremony guidance that can help you dive deeper into this meaningful day.

A Step by Step Ceremony Guidance

  • look for a quiet place somewhere in nature where you feel you can relax and unwind and get personal with pacha mama

  • make sure you take some incense, smudge sticks, candles, fire wood (if it´s safe to make a little fire where you´re going) or a big candle, fresh flowers, fresh fruit and veg, some stones or shells and some sort of musical instrument like a drum, rattle, bell or simply put some rice into a plastic container and use it as a shaker.

  • Once you have arrived at this place that makes you feel like home, welcome and safe begin to arrange the fresh flowers and the fruit and veg in a mandala. Don´t try too hard, just let the creative juices flow and see it as an offering to the spirits of the sun and the earth. This mandala symbolizes the abundance and energy that you are ready to create, share and receive.

  • Next, open the sacred space by honoring and inviting the spirits around you. Spirits usually come when they hear there´s a party going and this is where the shaker, drum or rattle comes into use. Sing and be loud – it´s a celebration after all, just do whatever you feel like needs to be done at a spiritual party.

  • Once you created a festive atmosphere it´s time to make room for some meditation or prayer, using the energy you have created to go deep. I´d recommend some sort of sound healing in 432hz that will help the body tune into this ancient healing frequency. Seed of Soundscape´s "Grounding Yoga Soundtrack" for example is what I will be using.

  • When you come out of the meditation stay centered and concentrate on an intention that you want to take out of this ceremony for the months to come.

  • If you are ready to leave, remember to close the sacred space and show some grattitude to nature and the spirits around you.

Enjoy your Summer Solstice Celebrations my lovelies and if you feel like going deeper into sacred ceremony and learn about Full Moon, New Moon or Cacao Ceremonies - we would be honored to work with you! Simply click here for your private ceremony guidance.



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