a place for yoga teachers and wellness coaches to deepen their spiritual routine and find new inspiration for their classes through the wisdom of the elements, ceremonies, sound and yoga.

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Hi I´m Carmen, spiritual mentoress, yoga teacher and sound healer

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The founder of Antara Atelier

Hello beautiful soul, my name is Carmen Jedinger. I´m a spiritual mentoress and founder of Antara Atelier.


I am a 600hr YACT, certified sound healer, passionate meditator and world traveller. I have founded Antara Atelier to assist yoga teachers and wellness coaches to practice Svadhyaya (self study) and tap into their inner well of creative energy. Svadhyaya is part of our healing journey and healing is something creative as well as something individual. I found the most effective way to live our spirituality and walk our path of recovery, whether it´s physical, mental or emotional healing, to be in our daily routines and ceremonies.

Antara Atelier is a place for yoga teachers, to do your soul work and find inspiration through the magic of the elements, ceremony, sound and yoga. We can´t pour from an empty cup, and for this reason, we need to make sure we are inspired and connected, in order to inspire others and help them connect to their path. If we are connected we are authentic and authenticity is a place of truth from which we can share and help others. I am honoured to assist you on your journey, so you can connect to your individual spiritual routine and share your newly found wisdom with others.

Antara = within | Atelier = workshop



Elemental yoga experience
4 week virtual retreat

This retreat is perfect for yoga teachers and wellness coaches that would like to be introduced to the power of the elements and learn how to teach elemental yoga as well as hold space for sacred ceremony. You will enjoy weekly yoga classes and regular meditations to deepen your own spiritual practice and at the same time you will gain new inspiration and knowledge for your own yoga classes and workshops.

what´s included

  • English oder Deutsch *

  • 4-week virtual retreat

  • tap into the shamanic wisdom of the elements

  • learn how to teach elemental yoga

  • learn how to hold sacred space for ceremony

  • new inspiration and knowledge for your own yoga classes

  • shamanic sound journey

  • sound healing

  • recorded meditations

  • ceremonies and rituals

  • daily inspirations

  • weekly pujas

  • guidebook

  • certificate in elemental yoga

* the retreat is available in English or German | Das Reatreat ist in englischer oder deutscher Sprache buchbar.

Ceremony guidance
  • learn about the power of ceremony and intention

  • written step by step guide to learn how to share ceremony with your loved ones and students

  • enhance your spiritual routine

  • cacao ceremony

  • full/new moon ceremony

  • guidance ceremony

1 on 1 Yoga & Meditation
  • individual pricing plans

  • individual lessons

  • Yoga for health

  • personalized classes

  • support your personal healing journey in order to help others heal

  • tailored to your aches, needs and life topics

  • everything from a single yoga class to a monthly yoga for health plan

Sunday Sound Healings
  • 4 sound healings

  • a new sound file every Sunday for a month

  • explore the benefits of regular sound healings

  • guided meditation

  • relax, and experience the magic of sound and vibration

  • only 20€ for 4 sound healings

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Tamalynne G.

Yoga Teacher

If I could sum up my “Elemental Yoga Experience” into one word then it would be “magical”. Carmen’s course was both enlightening and empowering. The „Elemental Yoga Experience” helped me reconnect to my spirituality and helped me to understand my body on a whole new level. The custom made meditations and daily inspirations by Carmen are one of a kind and I can only recommend this course to anyone wishing to broaden not only their yoga practice but their state of consciousness as well!


Thank you for everything Carmen.

Gary E.


"You can really notice all the hard work and thought that goes into every yoga class and meditation within the online retreat that Carmen does. I can fully recommend! So uplifting, relaxing and grounding"

Ela J.

Yoga Teacher

„The elemental Yoga Experience was my saving anchor during a time of tremendous change as a new mom. The programme helped me to find back into my yoga, meditation and selfcare routine. During these four weeks I felt like in my private home retreat and managed to really make time and space for myself again. I came out stronger, more rooted, definitely more relaxed and inspired! I can highly recommend this programme for anyone looking to reenergise and broaden their mind all while easily integrating the programme in the agenda of daily life. It was just wonderful"

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