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This is a place for yoga teachers and spiritual seekers to deepen their spiritual routine and find new inspiration for their classes and yoga practice through the wisdom of the elements, shamanism, ceremonies, sound and yoga. Please, contact me anytime if you have questions or requests.

Hello beautiful soul, welcome to my website

cacao and rose quartz
Heal Your Inner Waters

How to Work With Me

experiencing the elemental yoga experience fire ceremony

Elemental Yoga Experience

Yoga Teacher

Shamanic Nature Horoscope Reading

ceremony guidance image of candle and other items

Ceremony guidance
+ Training

  • Yoga Alliance certified (30hr) online course
  • 9 recorded elemental yoga classes

  • 6 recorded meditations

  • shamanic sound healing

  • learn how to hold a Puja

  • receive inspirational content to download (shamanic prayers, mantras, ...)

  • experience 4 sacred ceremonies

  • receive a certificate upon completion

  • you get to know your totems

  • learn which elements influence you the most (earth, water, fire, air

  • you get tips for your practice in alignment with your horoscope

  • you get to better understand your place in the world

  • and you will receive get an integration exercise to take home

  • Basic or deep reading - 75 min or 2 hrs

  • learn about the power of ceremony and intention

  • written step by step guide to learn how to share ceremony with your loved ones and students

  • enhance your spiritual routine

  • Learn a single ceremony or sign up for our Ceremony Guidance training

  • cacao ceremony

  • full/new moon ceremony

  • guidance ceremony


Rebecca Auer

Yoga Teacher

Carmen is an amazing person, she meets you at your Level and helps you I any way she can. Her courses are amazing. I learned so much about spiritual practises and she helped me find my own spiritual practise.

She offers new and interesting courses and upgrades them regularly, also giving the ones who have already done it, the chance to upgrade.

Thank you Carmen for being an inspiring human being. I will definitely see you again soon.

Customer Voices

yoga teacher

Ela J.

Project Manager

„The elemental Yoga Experience was my saving anchor during a time of tremendous change as a new mom. The programme helped me to find back into my yoga, meditation and selfcare routine. During these four weeks I felt like in my private home retreat and managed to really make time and space for myself again. I came out stronger, more rooted, definitely more relaxed and inspired! I can highly recommend this programme for anyone looking to reenergise and broaden their mind all while easily integrating the programme in the agenda of daily life. It was just wonderful"


Julia Ladman
Yoga Teacher

​The Elemental Yoga Experience has really motivated me to work more with the elements.


I plan to delve deeper into one of the elements every week, and the booklet gives me a lot of input to read again and again.

I have already been able to incorporate inspiration from the EYE into my yoga classes and it has been very well received.


It was a really great journey with you, Carmen, thank you for sharing this wisdom.

background image of your guide with two feathers
image of instrument and bowl of sound therapy

Sound Healings

  • experience the benefits of regular sound healings with our sunday soundhealings

  • you will get a new sound file every Sunday for a month

  • or book your very own customised sound healing via zoom

  • relax, and experience the magic of sound and vibration

shamanic drum

Shamanic Sound Retreat


  • shamanic group healing sessions

  • sound therapist and shamanic kinesiologist

  • shamanic drum, didgeridoo, tuning forks, singing bowls

  • meditations

  • daily elemental yoga

  • vegan gourmet food

  • spa and wellness

image showing the elements of the cacao journey

Cacao Journey

  • receive a welcome gift containing high quality organic ceremonial cacao   (for early bird bookings only)

  • 4 different live cacao ceremonies with Carmen

  • a chance to deepen your connection to this amazing medicine

  • a chance to deepen your connection to pachamama

  • a tool to go deeper with your spiritual practice

  • a self care routine that will prepare you for the colder days to come

spiritual mentor

About Me

My name is Carmen Jedinger. I´m a spiritual mentoress based in Portugal and I'm the founder of Antara Atelier.


I am a 600hr YACT, shamanic practitioner, certified sound healer and kinesiologist, passionate meditator and world traveller. I have founded Antara Atelier to assist spiritual seekers to practice Svadhyaya (self study) and tap into their inner well of creative energy. Svadhyaya is part of our healing journey and healing is something creative as well as something individual. I found the most effective way to live our spirituality and walk our soul´s path, is through our daily routines and ceremonies. I love meditation and the effects a daily practice has on our nervous system and brains! We can meditate together every monday live on zoom.

About me

Antara Atelier is a place for yoga teachers and seekers to do soul work and find inspiration through the magic of the elements, ceremony, shamanism, sound and yoga. We can´t pour from an empty cup, and for this reason, we need to make sure we are inspired and connected, in order to inspire others and help them connect to their path. If we are connected we are authentic and authenticity is a place of truth from which we can share and help others. I am honored to assist you on your journey, so you can connect to your individual spiritual routine and share your newly found wisdom with others.

If you feel called to work with me, please use the contact form below, I'm always happy to read from you!

Antara = within | Atelier = workshop


I am lucky enough to call the following schools / individuals my teachers and mentors:

  • Bhakti Yoga School in Columbia and Peru, where I attained my 200 hr Yoga Teacher training plus a 100 hour yoga therapy training

  • Selda from Selda Soul Space, a great intuitive and soundhealer who certified me in Sound Healing

  • Antonina Ramsey, from inHarmony People, where I attained my 300hr training with strong focus on Yoga Therapy

  • Akademie Kinesiologie Bewegt, where I received my diploma in Kinesiology. All my thanks goes to Iris for teaching me the amazing tool of Kinesiology

  • Antonina Ramsey, from inHarmony People, where I attained a 30hr course for "Trauma sensitive Yoga"

Sound Healing SampleAntara Atelier
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Get in Touch or Book an Offer


Contact me or book an offer by filling out the contact form below. Let me know which offer you are interested in or which questions you have and I will be in contact soon.

You will receive payment instructions via mail.

Speak to you soon!

image with sun, stars, and moon in a hand
image of hands linking across the universe

Thanks for submitting! I will be in contact soon.


caobali logo

Caobali is our go to ceremonial cacao. This amazing medicine comes straight from the island of gods.

Use antaraatelier10 to get 10% off your next order.

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Seed of Soundscape is our favourit music company EVER! They produce 432hz Yoga and Meditation tracks that make our workshops and ceremonies extra special and extra deep. Use antaraatelier15 for 15% off your next order and enjoy the bliss <3


You can find me teach online at the TT of Wiener Yogaschule.

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