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Soul Business Workshop

We designed this online yoga business workshop after multiple requests from our customers and clients and we have to say it fills us with so much joy to see how much it helped you grow so far! Read about the experiences below in the "What Others Think" section.



The Soul Business Workshop is for all Yoga Teachers, Wellness Coaches and Trainers out there, who have this spark in their heart. This feeling that there is something more for them, something to discover that will help them walk their highest path and be of service to others. There will be no more than 6 participants per workshop to ensure everyone will have enough time to get into their personal situation and ideas! We will

  • manifest success and learn science based meditations to manifest our goals (combined with some lovely sound healing)


  • talk about money and undo unhealthy belief patterns around our relationship with it


  • talk about your business idea and exchange ideas and inspirations


  • work on the fear around taking the next step towards your dream business


  • learn a simple Instagram strategy

  • talk about valuable tips for self employed teachers/coaches

  • have the chance to network with other workshop participants



Included in the price is a guided meditation to release negative belief patterns, a print out affirmation list and a recommendation list for successful entrepreneurs including attractive discounts for Antara Atelier customers.




This workshop is for everyone in the yoga/wellness/coaching world that is longing for that next step. Whether you already have your business idea or just a vague dream - let´s take this next step together and get you ready for your soul´s path!



The next German workshop is on demand (09:00 - 12:00 und 13:00 - 15:00)

The next English workshop is on demand (9am - 12am and 1pm - 3pm)


150€ for 5 hours including all meditations and extras

Carmen Jedinger
Dare to DREAM BIG and let´s take the next step on your soul´s path together!
Two hands clasping in a solar system

What Others Think

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