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When & Where

Investment in yourself:

Schamanic Yoga Reteat

5.6.2025 - 9.6.2025, Serra Vida / Portugal

from: 1165€ *


*includes everything but 1:1 sessions  and journey to location

If we understand water, we understand life

Learn how to connect with your inner water, the source of your life force that makes all your organs and cells vibrate, and cleanse it of trauma, fear and toxins. We will work with shamanic ceremonies, water blessings, workshops on “Water Yoga” (anatomical & energetic and “How to revitalize your drinking water”) that I created, shamanic journeys and somatic exercises. There will be several ceremonies (opening ceremony, ceremony at the river, ceremony at the waterfall and closing ceremony) were I will not only lead you into sacred space, but have take part and be an integral part of this ancient way to connect to Pakarina (spirit of the water).


  • daily yoga and energy practices (elemental yoga, yoga nidra, pranayama, mudra practice and much more)

  • shamanic ofrendas (offerings)

  • sacred ceremony

  • soundhealings

  • deep meditations

  • deep inner work

  • possible 1:1 shamanic soundhealing session

  • professional musician on site for soundhealings and concerts

  • nourishing vegan/vegetarian food

I have been working with water for years and researched her way of

communicating, living and healing. Now it is time for me to share everything I


have learned on my healing path with her.

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sacred tobacco ceremony

Your Host


If you were to ask me, how I got into water shamanism, I would have to tell you things I can´t put into words. Like with so many experiences in life, that happen through the magic of the unseen world, this also is such an experiences. We just don´t seem to have the right words to explain the subtle sings and nouances that happen in this other world.

So all I can say is

my history with water started by this indescribable pull to the ocean. This is a love story on it´s own but she opened the doors into cleansing and re-energizing. Soon whenever I heard or read something about water (wether it was a poem, scientific studies or simply a picture of a river) I began to feel the same pull that, so far, I only knew from mama ocean.

She soon began to show me what I had to learn, in order to purify my inner waters (how to realiven my drinking water, how to move and eat in order to do the same) and eventually, the universe should send me a peruvian shaman on my path, that showed me how to do water ofrendas.


After telling me, he won´t work with my 1:1, he sent me to a water fall for 10 days to cleanse the trauma from my inner waters. All the sexual trauma from the past 15 years (physically and emotionally expressed within me) resurfaced and then...washed away.

I started to feel Pakarina (water) on an even deeper level and after countless ceremonies, one day at the waterfall, I asked her:

"where do you need me to flow, in order to support you in the best possible way?"

Her answer, that I so clearly heard like a whisper in my ear was


The Invitation

This summer we offer you the opportunity to go deep within [Antara =to go within] and feel your true essence. Our retreats are infused with shamanic work and highly influenced by andean shamanism and hatha, as well as tantric yoga. A work in deep connection and communication with nature. Daily offerings of yoga and energy practices such as Elemental Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Soundhealing and much more will help you go deep inside and make your stay a transformative journey in the truest sense of the word. ​

*You can find out more at the bottom of this page.

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The Place

When & Where

06.May - 11. May 2024, Portugal

Investment in yourself:

from: 1290€   

*includes everything but 1:1 sessions 

Our retreat will next take place in May 2024 at the wonderful Serra Vida Retreat Center in Portugal. This beautifully enchanted place is perfect for our shamanic ceremonies and holistic yoga sessions. In the morning meditation we will be accompanied by nothing but birdsong - true magic.

The absolute highlight is the breathtaking yogashala, where we will enjoy the majority of our sessions.

Book now - it's the only way to enjoy the Elemental Medicine Retreat in 2024.

(Limited places - max. 14 participants)

When: May 6th, 2024 - May 11th, 2024

from 1290€ (3 bed room)


1440€ (double room)


1640€ (single room)

To secure your place, a non-refundable installment of €500 must be paid. The remaining amount must be transferred within the next 6 weeks or at least 1 month before the start of the retreat (please ask about the possibility of paying in installments). Please click on the button below to fill out the booking form. You will receive all further information by email. ​

The retreat price includes the following:

     10 yoga classes (elementary yoga, yoga nidra, energy practices,...)

     “Ofrendas”, ceremonies, sound healings

     Full board 100% vegan

     Shamanic sound journey

     Live music from Ready Roots

Yoga Shala
Yoga Retreat pool
room 2
Serra Vida

When & Where

  • 26.Sept. - 01. Oct. 2023 in Andalusia, Spain

  • 06.May - 11. May 2024, Portugal

Investment in yourself:

from: 1290€   

*includes everything but 1:1 sessions 

There is a non-refundable deposit of €500 to secure your spot. The remaining amount must be transferred within the next 3 months (please ask for the possibility to pay in installments!). Please click on the button below to fill out the booking form. You will receive all further information by e-mail.

The following is included in the retreat price:

  • 10 Yoga classes (elemental yoga, yoga nidra, energy practices,...)

  • offrendas, sacred ceremony, soundhealings

  • breakfast, lunch, dinner

  • nature walks with the hosts and shamanic water ceremony

  • shamanic sound journey

  • live music by Ready Roots

  • 1:1 sound healing sessions possible

1:1 sessions

frequently asked questions


simply fill out the form here and let us know which retreat you are interested in. We will send you all further information as well as payment instructions via mail. To secure your spot we ask for a first installment of 400€. The remaining amount will have to be paid until 2 months before the start of the retreat.


We are happy to offer you the following solution, if you would like to pay in installments:

  • pay 400€ to secure your spot

  • pay 50% of the remaining amount until 3 months before the start of the retreat

  • pay the other 50% until 2 months before the start of the retreat.


If you have to cancel the retreat you can do so until 2 months before the start day of the retreat and you will receive your full first installment back. After this date you can still cancel but you won't receive your first installment back. We will return any other installments (apart from the initial first one) / payments that you have made up to that point if you cancel your retreat later than 2 months before.

Can I Sit out some Classes?

This is your time and your healing progress. You can join all sessions or only a selected few - depending on how you feel. Please understand that we can't offer any price reductions, should you choose not to participate in some of the program.

Sound and Silence

or come with us to Austria for 4 days of transformative magic

shamanic yoga retreat in Carinthia, Austria

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