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The founder of Antara Atelier

spiritual mentor

Hello beautiful soul, my name is Carmen Jedinger. I´m a spiritual mentoress and founder of Antara Atelier.


I am a 600hr YACT, certified sound healer and kinesiologist, passionate meditator and world traveller. I have founded Antara Atelier to assist yoga teachers and wellness coaches to practice Svadhyaya (self study) and tap into their inner well of creative energy. Svadhyaya is part of our healing journey and healing is something creative as well as something individual. I found the most effective way to live our spirituality and walk our path of recovery, whether it´s physical, mental or emotional healing, is through our daily routines and ceremonies.

Antara Atelier is a place for yoga teachers, to do your soul work and find inspiration through the magic of the elements, ceremony, sound and yoga. We can´t pour from an empty cup, and for this reason, we need to make sure we are inspired and connected, in order to inspire others and help them connect to their path. If we are connected we are authentic and authenticity is a place of truth from which we can share and help others. I am honored to assist you on your journey, so you can connect to your individual spiritual routine and share your newly found wisdom with others.

Antara = within | Atelier = workshop

Founder Carmen in yoga pose
Founder Carmen outside with nature
Founder Carmen doing sound healing


We are happy to announce some special collaborations with trusted partners

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